Changing the cheese tastes of Vancouver and other cheese news

Cheese makes news every day. That’s why we’ve started collecting links to the most interesting news reports of the week on a special page under the News tab at the top of the blog. Check it whenever you visit

Allison Spurrell, with her mother Alice, owns Les Amis du Fromage, Vancouver’s leading cheese shop.

Converting cheeseheads into cheese connoisseurs in Vancouver (Photo)

Cooking show online promotes cheese in Wisconsin

Herding goats and making cheese in Tuscany

Cheese truck delivers

What to do with those dreaded cheese nubs

Sue Riedl: A mellow blue cheese even skeptics will love

History: The Limburger Cheese War

Video: Cardiff Castle invaded by Cheese Festival

Slideshow: Great British Cheese Festival 2010 at Cardiff Castle

Welsh cheese takes top prize British Cheese Awards

Jessica Biel: Addicted to cheese

Love cheese and chocolate? How about blue-cheese truffles?

Hard cheese a better choice for nutrition

World’s largest macaroni and cheese dish

Leave the curd-making to the pros

Cheese Day’s Parade: the Rose Parade of the Midwest

France drops fight for Gruyere cheese appellation, ceding to Swiss

Miami aims to be capital of artisan cheese in March 2011

Goat whispering in Vermont

Forty-fourth French cheese recognized by EU

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