Farm House Kabritt and other cheese news

B.C. cheesemaker Debra Amrein-Boyes and husband George Boyes: Honouring aid workers in Haiti.

Cheese makes news every day. That’s why we’ve started collecting links to the most interesting news reports of the week on a special page under the News tab at the top of the blog. Check it whenever you visit

Go to B.C. if you want to taste this natural goat cheese (Photo above)

Finally, a recipe for cheesy cookies

New York’s Artisanal Cheese names new director of sales

Beer vs. wine debate rages on for which is the better suitor for cheese

World’s most expensive cheese sandwich

Man vs. Food feels the thrill of grilled cheese

Homemade cheddar from down on the farm

Barely Buzzed cheese rubbed with coffee and lavender

Five must-buy cheeses while in France: Max Shrem

The bluer the cheese the better: San Diego football hero

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