Cheesemaker for a day at Fifth Town Artisan Cheese in Prince Edward County.

A taste of Oka more than 50 years ago—when the Trappists still made it—sparked in me a lifelong love for cheese. That love has ripened into full-blown passion as more and more mouth-watering cheeses are being churned out by artisan, farmstead and specialty cheesemakers across Canada. I’d like to share that passion by making CheeseLover.ca an informative and entertaining meeting place for all who love cheese, especially #CDNcheese.

My business background is in magazine publishing and event promotion so don’t be surprised to see me explore the needs and wants of cheese consumers and the cheese industry in Canada as time goes by. As a custom magazine publisher, I produce Circumnavigator and Glory Road. Two events (actually, two coast-to-coast series of events) that I started in the U.S. and later sold were West Marine Trawler Fest and The Great American Motorcycle Show. Both the boating events and the motorcycle shows still thrive today.

In 2011, I founded The Great Canadian Cheese Festival which ran for seven years in Prince Edward County bringing cheese lovers and cheesemakers together in a wonderful way not seen before in Canada. In 2014, I founded the Canadian Cheese Awards, the biggest cheese judging and competition in Canada. In 2016, I started the Artisan Cheese Night Market at St. Lawrence Market in Toronto in conjunction with the Awards.

So, you might rightly assume that I live, dream and enjoy Canadian cheese. You bet I do!

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Cheese be with you!

—Georgs Kolesnikovs