Three Canadian cheeses among the world’s best

Three Canadian cheeses were judged to be the best of the best at the World Cheese Awards held this year in Trondheim, Norway.

The annual competition attracted 4,502 cheese entries from 43 countries around the world. Thirty-two Canadian cheeses were among the winners. Three of the 32 were awarded Super Gold medals to indicate they were among the best 100 cheeses of the 4,502 entries tasted by 264 judges. They are:

Magie de Madawaska: Fromagerie le Détour, Témiscouata-sur-le-Lac, Quebec

Runny, luscious, creamy, buttery, nutty and ooey-gooey good when perfectly à point (fully ripened), that’s how Cheese Sommelier Vanessa Simmons of Ottawa describes Magie de Madawaska made with cow’s milk.

Mascotte: Fromagerie Fritz Kaiser, Noyan, Quebec

A semi-firm goat’s milk cheese, Mascotte tastes of roasted almonds with a goaty finish. Its rind releases a most appealing slightly woody aroma. An excellent cheese for raclette.

Sauvagine: Fromagerie Alexis de Portneuf, Saint Raymond, Quebec

Sauvagine is a cow’s milk cheese with a moist and supple rind that ripens from the outside in; runny ivory body; fresh butter taste with a hint of mushrooms; flavourful, culminating with a rustic taste.

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