Major Craig’s Chutney: From India, via Ottawa, with love

Major Craig's great-great-grandson: Andrew Craig. Photo by Wayne Cuddington/Ottawa Citizen.

Have you ever had a favourite family recipe that your friends and family just couldn’t get enough of? That’s what happened to Andrew Craig of Ottawa with a chutney recipe that has a long family history.

For Christmas 2008, Andrew decided to gift his family and friends jars of the chutney they all loved and always asked for. He made three chutneys from the old family recipe called 1884 North India, Pomegranate Fig and a Date With Cranberry.

The gifts went over so well, he decided to put his 18 years in the food and beverage industry to good use. With the backing of his wife, and the urging from his father, Andrew named the chutneys after his great great-grandfather and put them on the market.

Major James Craig was a commissioned officer for the Indian Army in the late 1800s and worked for the East India Trading Company.  While in India, he created the family favorite recipe which was handed down over the next 125 years on an old recipe card.

Major Craig’s Chutney is made with locally grown produce. With an ingredient list that includes apples, onions, cranberries, squash and hot peppers all grown in Ontario, it is a tasty addition to the menu of those committed to the 100-mile diet.

Major Craig’s Chutney can be purchased online from OGourmet. They are also available from more than 30 stores in the Ottawa area as well as selected shops in Toronto and other Ontario locations. The Frazer Café in Ottawa features the chutneys on its menu.

Last month, the chutneys received the 2011 LIVERight Award, a distinction by the Canadian Liver Association to recognize food products that are healthy for the liver.

There are four chutneys made by Major Craig’s Chutney:


  • Discovered in 1884 by Major James Craig
  • A blend of sweet fruits, aromatic spices, onions and a hint of curry
  • A family favourite, served with grilled meats, chicken, burgers, mixed into stews and sauces, and even over top of fresh baked scones


  • One of the original chutneys made as Christmas gifts
  • Made for special meals, it has become the new cranberry tradition for holiday meals
  • Especially good with roasted chicken, duck and pork chops


  • A blend of sweet fruits and a mild Caribbean Jerk spice
  • Spread over meat before cooking, or toss it with some chicken wings
  • Fantastic with beef, with sour cream and nachos, burgers, and goat


  • Major Craig’s newest addition
  • Made with Beau’s all natural Lug Tread Laagered Ale, roasted butternut squash, red pepper, corn, apples and onions and spiced with fresh ginger and turmeric
  • Great for sandwiches, hotdogs, sausages, steaks, steamed veggies, rice and even on mashed potatoes

Major Craig’s Chutney will be a Featured Artisan Producer at The Great Canadian Cheese Festival taking place June 4-5 at Crystal Palace in Picton. The heart of Prince Edward County, Ontario’s hot new wine region and fastest-growing culinary destination.

—Gloria Fletcher

Gloria Fletcher has completed a post-grad Public Relations program at Loyalist College and currently is interning at Campbellford Memorial Hospital Foundation. She blogs about PR and other matters at Fletchgirl’s Blog.

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