Video: Curdy Girl loves her cheese


I’m 24 hours late for Video Wednesday but delighted, nevertheless, to introduce you to Curdy Girl aka Wendy Furtenbacher aka The Girl Who Really Loves Her Cheese. She is Canada’s newest cheese blogger and a hoot. Play the video clip and you’ll see what I mean.

By day, Wendy works at a professional association in Toronto. By night and on weekends, she indulges in her passion for fromage. Here’s her story, in her own words:

Like many people, I grew up with Kraft singles thinking that was good stuff. At least, it was fun to eat, all individually wrapped, but given that I’m from Québec, my first recollection of natural cheese is cheese curds. Nobody does squeaky cheese like the Québecois  cheesemakers—squeaky, fresh, salty and available at every corner store by the cash register.

I can safely say that my palate has expanded quite a bit. Blues, Alpine cheeses, washed rinds, aged cheddars (clothbound in particular) are usually found in my fridge, along with milder fresh cheeses like chevres and buffalo mozzarella.  I am always open to trying new cheeses.  Sheep-milk cheese is a particular favourite.

Typically, I shop for my cheeses in farmers’ markets and specialty cheese shops. I have the most fun when I buy directly from the cheesemaker or highly knowledgeable cheesemongers who are passionate about their cheeses. I like a little education with my purchase.

As Enthusiast Director on the Board of the Canadian Cheese Society, I head up communication vehicles such as the monthly Cheese Slice News, and edit the Canadian Cheese Society Newsletter. I am also a member in good standing of La Société des fromages du Québec and the American Cheese Society.

Wendy is currently enrolled in the Professional Fromager program at George Brown College and has taken numerous cheese-appreciation classes around Toronto. And here’s a plug for her services: “I am available for corporate, reception or special event consultations and writing opportunities in cheese.”

—Georgs Kolesnikovs

Cheese-head-in-chief at, Georgs Kolesnikovs is busier than heck these days with planning for The Great Canadian Cheese Festival on the first weekend in June.

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