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Cheese cleared of cholesterol charges

French sheep’s milk cheese named best in the world

Top court won’t hear Saputo, Kraft appeal of cheese rules

Stupidest mac ‘n’ cheese story ever

Five reasons to defend farm marketing boards

High Canadian cheese prices result of quota system

Canadians are being milked and their wallets plucked

Milking the markets in Canada: “Soviet-style system”

Supply management a ‘rotten economic policy’ to woo rural Ontario

Message to Canadian Wheat Board: Follow the cheese

Meet the big cheese in China

Study compares healthiness of cheese vs. butter

Rose Reisman pumps Woolwich goat cheese

Prince Edward’s vegetables, wine and cheese rack up awards at Royal Winter Fair

On the cheese trail in the Finger Lakes

Nuns devote themselves to worship, work and cheese

CFIA warns against eating Tifco brand cheese

Grilled-cheese happiness for Melt founder

Menu planner to help deal with diabetes without sacrificing flavour

In Dubai, Italian skill turns local milk into fresh cheese

Hunting down the best baguettes and cheese in Paris

WSJ: U.S. dairy farmers aren’t cowed

Les Petits Chefs visit Cheese Boutique

Q&A: Time to take wrapping off all things cheese

Her cheese is a labour of love

Making ‘green’ cheese: eco-friendly answer to waste disposal challenge

In search of California’s best artisanal cheeses

Peak Cheese: the bleak science of cheese depletion

Wisconsin still the cheese capital of the United States

Salmonella: Deli purchased queso fresco from illegal source

How The Melt handles orders for grilled-cheese

Huge success story for U.S. cheese unfolding in Japan

Spanish shepherds beef about sheep

Grana Padano returns as sponsor of the ING New York City Marathon

Saltspring Island Cheese: Farmers’ markets boost business

Producers at farmers’ markets can cut cheese without a license

Crosswind Farm: Newest goat-milk cheese producer in Ontario

Calories null at Frenchy’s Poutinery in Windsor

Where’s the best grilled-cheese in NYC?

Canadians flock to goat-milk products, especially cheese

Cheese lovers debate what puts the funk in Funky Town

Affinage inspires evangelical zeal and scoffing among hard-core fromage fanatics

Enjoy the health benefits of raw-milk cheese

How to construct the perfect cheese board

Sikhs rescue Italy’s Parmigiano-Reggiano

Why is our appetite for artisan cheese growing even as our budgets decrease?

Popularity of stealing cheese makes perfect sense

Sue Riedl: Tea and cheese pairings? Pass the kettle

Swiss cheeses: 450 varieties, each unique

Anger at restriction on cheese advertising

Carboncino’s ash rind hides an aromatic molten middle

Popular French cheese isn’t what it once was

The Great Israeli Cottage Cheese Uprising

Kraft recalls macaroni and cheese

What’s going on below Murray’s Cheese Shop in Manhattan

Slow Food spotlights the dairy traditions of Africa at Cheese 2011

The best of Cheese 2011 at Bra, according to experts from New York’s top cheese shop

Cheese, please: In praise of all places gooey

Sue Riedl: Love cheese? Eat local? Go here

Photos celebrating our love affair with cheese

Slow Food helps diehard farmers hang onto tradition

How well do you know cheese?

Good cheeses come in small packages

Overwhelmed cheesemakers decide to pull the plug

Cracker Barrel secretly replaces almost everything with cheese

Italian Frittata: It’s not just for breakfast

Ontario backs goat dairy, sheep’s-milk cheesemaker

Fifth Town Artisan Cheese president steps down

Petra Kassun-Mutch: How cheese saved my life

“I could never give up cheese” and other defenses against veganism

The perfect cheesemakers: Vaches Canadiennes

Mother Jones: Is cheese killing the planet?

Vermont Cheesemakers’ Festival ages well

Cheese prices on the rise in the U.S.

Gwyneth Paltrow: Cheese, really beautiful, well-made cheese, has to be one of the best things on the planet.

McDonald’s testing English Pub Burger . . . with American Cheese

Cheese: One of nature’s best double-duty foods, but keep your portion size in check

Madame Fromage: What I learned about cheese in 2010

Mixed cultures: art, science, and cheese

Canadian dairy prices to rise 1.5% in February 2011

Want Swiss cheese? Think Finnish

No wonder Sally Jackson Cheese was forced to close

David Lebovitz: Ripening and tasting Comté

Eastern Ontario artisan cheese investment project curdles

Why holiday cheese plates aren’t all bad for you

Sue Riedl: Cheddar is a cheese that’s sure to please

Canadian James Kraft churned out a cheese giant

Agropur to make Boursin cheeses in Canada

Far Flung Foods: Cheesemonger to Windsor

An ode to Alberta cheese

Natural Pastures Cheese in B.C. gets a loan from Ottawa

Springbank Cheese stars in Taste of Alberta

Feds help New Brunswick dairy farmers explore specialty cheese

Sue Riedl: Become a chairman of the (cheese) board

Chocolate truffle with ganache made from Fifth Town’s Plain Jane Bagel Chevre

Shrimp and grilled-cheese sandwiches make great gourmet fare for Grey Cup

Roquefort, France: Where the blue blood of blue cheeses lives

La Belle Province rivals La France when it comes to great fromage

Quebecers warned of door-to-door cheese salesmen

Sue Riedl: mellow yellow Le Douanier cheese

Canada avoids lengthy list of cheese recalls in the U.S.

Stock market undecided about Saputo prospects

High cheese prices boost Saputo profit

Canada’s wine and cheese has come a long way

Canada’s biggest ricotta producer gets public funding to renovate its packaging and production space

Limburger produced by only one cheesemaker in the U.S.

Okanagan goat cheeses that ooze with family values

Un fromage unique à Racine

Vancouver’s Les Amis du Fromage: converting cheeseheads into cheese connoisseurs

Sue Riedl: A mellow blue cheese even skeptics will love

Video: Cardiff Castle invaded by Cheese Festival

Slideshow: Great British Cheese Festival 2010 at Cardiff Castle

Go to B.C. if you want to taste this natural goat cheese

The bluer the cheese the better: San Diego football hero

3,000 goats in Italy help make world’s largest goat cheese

Stick to beans and hard cheese if you want a baby girl, say scientists

Extra Aged Pleasant Ridge Reserve takes Best of Show at ACS 2010

American Cheese Society nibbles through 1,462 entries in tasting competition

Long-term growth in U.S. cheese consumption may slow

Petaluma: cheese capital of California

Where to find a Krispy Kreme cheeseburger

France’s Comté region known for cheese

Sue Riedl on Belle de Jersey from a new fromagerie in Quebec

Saputo profit rises 31 percent

Saputo cheese factory sale looms in Vermont

Avery Aames: Will write for cheese

Fairmont Queen Elizabeth hotel in Montreal makes its own cheese

Ruth Klahsen turned to customers to build a new home to make Old World cheese

Ontario’s Fifth Town Artisan Cheese and the meaning of sustainable food

Look elsewhere for goaty gratification: Quebec’s Champagnole aged goat cheese has a refined finish

Poutine: Quebec’s accidental delicacy becomes global haute cuisine

Sue Riedl on Le Tomme Haut-Richelieu

Petra Cooper left upper levels of publishing world for cheese

Monetary boost for Fifth Town Artisan Cheese

Sue Riedl on Bella Casara Buffalo Mozzarella

Benedictine spirituality and the making of cheese

A retailer’s rant about local and slow-food movements

Artisanal cheeses get a boost to go beyond local markets and tempt tastebuds across Canada

$190,000 grant for Ruth Klahsen’s Monforte Dairy

Petra Cooper’s Fifth Town achieves B Corporation certification

Sue Riedl on Tomme de Grosse Île

Windsor’s Galati Cheese a mainstay

Sue Riedl on Dragon’s Breath Blue cheese

U.S. border difficult for Canadian cheesemakers

Sue Riedl on Nostrala, an Alpine-style cheese from the Kootenays