Celebrate the holidays with Canadian cheese champions

A divine crab and Quality Cheese Ricotta mousse.
A divine crab and Quality Cheese Ricotta mousse.

Canadians looking for the perfect way to enhance meals and gift-giving this holiday season need look no further than Canadian cheese, known around the world for its high quality, versatility and great taste. To help create the perfect holiday experience, the elves at Dairy Farmers of Canada have just released more than 20 mouth-watering recipes featuring 2013 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix category winners that are guaranteed to delight food-loving friends and family.

“These creative recipes will completely amaze your guests,” says Michael Howell, Executive Chef of Tempestuous Culinary in Wolfville, Nova Scotia. “The taste, quality and versatility of Canadian cheese know no bounds. These award winners lend themselves beautifully to holiday meals and really raise the bar for taste and pleasure.”

The innovative recipes, developed using 2013 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix category winners from Alberta, Ontario, Quebec, and PEI, provide holiday hosts with a full range of dishes, including appetizers and main courses, as well as a delectable dessert. Recipes include:

  • Appetizer: Oven-roasted Latin Foods Queso Fresco cheese and apples
  • Appetizer: Crab and Quality Cheese Ricotta mousse
  • Appetizer: Avonlea Clothbound Cheddar pastry with sweet potato purée and roasted tomatoes
  • Main course: Gunn’s Hill Five Brothers cheese and butter-nutty pecan turkey
  • Main course: Asian baked salmon with Le Noble cheese
  • Dessert: Bleu D’Élizabeth cheese, dark chocolate and date bites

Canadian cheese made from 100% Canadian milk also makes a great gift all on its own.

“For those times when you aren’t wearing the chef hat and are a guest at a dinner, a great ‘out-of-the-box’ gift idea for the host or hostess is to create a beautifully assembled basket of award-winning Canadian cheeses,” says chef Michael.  “With any luck, your hosts may feel generous and share the basket with you and the other guests.”

All the 2013 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix award winners, with tasting notes, are listed at AllYouNeedIsCheese.ca/GrandPrix. Keep in mind that when purchasing a variety of cheeses, a good sampler size is 150 grams for each wedge.

“You really can’t go wrong giving the gift of award-winning Canadian cheeses; we make some of the best cheeses in the world,” says chef Howell. “Just remember to buy a little extra for yourself since we all need a pleasurable treat during the holidays.”

For more information on the 2013 Canadian Cheese Grand Prix winners and for recipes, visit AllYouNeedIsCheese.ca/GrandPrix.

About the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix
Sponsored by Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC), the Canadian Cheese Grand Prix began in 1998 to promote achievement and innovation in cheese making and to increase appreciation for fine quality Canadian cheese. All eligible cheeses must be produced in Canada, bear the 100% Canadian Milk symbol on their packaging and be available at retail.

The cheeses are judged by a jury of experts from across Canada who are recognized in each of their respective domain in the food industry. Canada has a wide variety of world-class cheese makers from coast-to-coast. It is part of DFC’s mission to promote the great cheeses produced in Canada. We have so many different types of cheeses – from Cheddar to soft cheese, Blue cheese and flavoured cheese! The Canadian Cheese Grand Prix helps consumers learn more about great Canadian cheeses available in their local grocery or cheese store.

About Dairy Farmers of Canada
Dairy Farmers of Canada (DFC) strives to create favourable conditions for the Canadian dairy industry, today and in the future. DFC works to maintain policies that foster the viability of Canadian dairy producers and to promote quality Canadian dairy products made from 100% Canadian milk as part of a healthy balanced diet.

SOURCE Dairy Farmers of Canada (Marketing)