Help us plan future Cheese Festivals by taking a quick poll


Here’s your chance to win TWO FREE TICKETS to the 2013 Great Canadian Cheese Festival.

We’re busy planning for the third annual Festival and would love your input in three areas:

1) Imported cheese at the Cheese Festival

2) Toronto and/or Ottawa as a venue instead of Picton

3) Montréal as venue for a new cheese event.

Click here to start the brief survey.

For every 25 completed surveys submitted by January 31, we will award two FREE tickets valued at $80 to the Festival’s Artisan Cheese & Fine Food Fair. Winners in the draw will be notified in February.

Thank you for your input!

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1 comment

  1. Hey Georgs,
    Filled out the survey but no place to add comments so thought I’d add one!
    I really feel strongly that The Great CANADIAN Cheese Festival should be for Canadian cheeses only. The only concession would be to include local Artisan cheeses from across the border though it may be difficult to get these across. The focus should be on showcasing Canadian cheeses, we’ve really got some nice ones now (and more coming) and it would be a shame to have them overshadowed by importers of International cheeses who can present their cheeses in other places.
    My 2 curds worth!
    Love your site, and look forward to seeing more….

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