Raw-milk-cheese battle in Missouri and other cheese news

Morningland Dairy refuses to destroy $250,000 of raw-milk cheese.

Cheese makes news every day. That’s why we’ve started collecting links to the most interesting news reports of the week on a special page under the News tab at the top of the blog. Check it whenever you visit CheeseLover.ca.

Supporters of gourmet cheese made from raw milk square off against U.S. government

Missouri dairy defies order on raw-milk cheese

Stock market undecided about Saputo prospects

Turning waste from cheese production into ethanol fuel in Wisconsin

DFA enters ethnic cheese market in U.S.

High cheese prices boost Saputo profit

Canada’s wine and cheese has come a long way

What’s the diff between cheese food and cheese product?

Ending world hunger, one grilled-cheese sandwich at a time

Canada’s biggest ricotta producer gets public funding to renovate its packaging and production space

British dairy farmers call for country-of-origin labelling for cheese

World’s first cheese billboard revealed in London

Artisan cheesemaking brings a new slice of life to California dairy farmers

Missouri dairy farm ordered to destroy 50,000 pounds of raw-milk cheese

Armenian cheese program will promote Armenian brand internationally

Starbucks tests alcohol, cheese offerings

Guinness World Record set for world’s largest Mac & Cheese: 2,469 pounds

First World Championship Cheese Dip Competition

Breaking news: Why is cheese so hard to remove from the pot after cooking?

Limburger produced by only one cheesemaker in the U.S.

Say bonjour to cheese gougeres

Okanagan goat cheeses that ooze with family values

Without cheese, there is no fun!

Un fromage unique à Racine

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