Grilled cheese vs poutine: A great Canadian debate

The Big Cheese at Chesterfields, photographed by the Blackberry Queen aka @CreativeKarinD aka Karin Desveaux-Potters.

Beyond eating cheese straight, I cannot decide which cheese dish I prefer: a grilled-cheese sannich or poutine?

These deep thoughts come to me as I get ready to take my first big bite of the Big Cheese, the grilled-cheese sandwich served at Chesterfields Homegrown Cafe in Picton, in Ontario’s Prince Edward County. Graham Sayers, who owns and operates the funky joint with his wife, Vicky, creates the Big Cheese with three local cheeses, Black River Old Cheddar, Black River Horseradish Mozzarella and Fifth Town Chevre. Grilled on whole grain bread with a pickle on the side, it’s a winner.

—Georgs Kolesnikovs

Georgs Kolesnikovs, Cheese-Head-in-Chief at, can’t wait for the results of the Grate Canadian Grilled Cheese Challenge next week.

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  1. If given the choice between well-made poutine or grilled cheese, I would go with Poutine every time!!
    But i do love a good GC… with manchego or chevre noir (Although, I must admit, sometimes all I want is a greasy processed grilled cheese from burger shack!). Have you tried the grilled cheese restaurant in Kensington Market? I havent been yet, and wonder if they use any great cheese from their cheese-neighbours, or if it is just the toppings that make the sandwiches “gourmet.”

    1. Thanks for the comment, Stacey! I hope I never have to make a decision between one or the other as I love both dishes. Thanks for the tip about the grilled-cheese joint in Kensington.

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