A Canadian cheese plate fit for the G20

Le Belle de Jersey ~ Les Bergeries du Fjord

Thank goodness the G20 madness in Toronto is over. The politicians have departed, the hooligans are in jail, the barricades are coming down. As far as we can see, the only bright note was the promotional opportunity for Canadian cheese.

The main meal for the assembled world leaders in the Royal York Hotel began with an appetizer of fresh Atlantic seafood followed by custom-aged filet mignon from the Spring Creek Ranch in Alberta.

Blue Juliette ~ Salt Spring Island Cheese

They then sampled a selection of four Canadian cheeses: Blue Juliette from Salt Spring Island Cheese in British Columbia, a Toscano from Ontario’s Monforte Dairy, and two Quebec artisan offerings—Le Belle de Jersey from Les Bergeries du Fjord and La Fleurmier from Laiterie Charlevoix.

(No snide remarks, please, about the preponderance of soft “girly” cheeses at this alpha-male feast.)

Each course was paired with red and white Canadian wines, and the food will be served on white bone Villeroy & Boch china. A dessert buffet featured Nanaimo bars and the work of two Toronto chocolatiers.

Julia Rogers of Cheese Culture, a leading expert on Canadian cheeses, and foreign fromage, too, was delighted for the cheese producers involved:

“Bravo to the creative Canadian cheesemakers who’ve managed to score some face-time with the world’s leaders. The selection features delicate, surface-ripened Fleurmier, from Québec’s dairy mecca: the Charlevoix region. Belle de Jersey highlights the rich milk of English Channel Island cows—a rare breed in Canada—in a supple, Reblochon-esque washed rind. B.C.’s contribution comes from David Wood, whose Salt Spring Island cheeses are appreciated across the country. Blue Juliette is a petite, pillowy round with earthy, mineral flavours and a steely blue-grey complexion. Rounding out the plate, and giving it some muscle, is Monforte Dairy’s Toscano, a firm and forthright sheep milk offering that despite its Ontario origin, expresses Central Italian caccio di pecora typicity.”

La Fleurmier ~ Laiterie Charlevoix

Here are links to more information about the G20 cheese plate:

Le Fleurmier
Latterie Charlevoix
Baie-St-Paul, Charlevoix region of Quebec

Le Belle de Jersey
Les Bergeries du Fjord
La Baie, Saguenay region of Québec

Blue Juliette
Salt Spring Island Cheese
Salt Spring Island, Gulf Islands region of British Columbia

Monforte Dairy
Stratford, Southwestern Ontario

Toscano ~ Monforte Dairy

At CheeseLover.ca, we’ve enjoyed Le Fermier and Toscano in the past, but now, thanks to the G20, we have Le Belle de Jersey and Blue Juliette on our shopping list.

—Georgs Kolesnikovs

Georgs Kolesnikovs is Cheese-Head-in-Chief at CheeseLover.ca. His date with Le Belle de Jersey and Blue Juliette will have to wait as the cheese bin still is full of souvenirs from Warwick.

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  1. CheeseLover.ca received this comment from a reader via email:

    Dear Cheese Lover…I do not agree that the “hooligans” are in jail. Too many good Canadians with good intentions going about their business, or exercising their inherent democratic rights were treated like just that… “hooligans”…when they were behaving just like you or i….simply walking around on the streets of Toronto and got caught up in the overkill, the police mentality, the excessive paranoic reaction…i have yet to read one single story regarding one single individual or bunch of such that could have truly been described as “terrorist”. Like many others, I do not agree with the sentiments or actions of a small fragment called the Black Block…but they got far more response and far more attention than their wild- side views deserve…owing to a post 9-11 mentality and to State and Police over- responses….so do not attempt to sell cheese to me based on my total objection to Toronto having been turning into a police state to protect a select few from an innocent many…many ordinary citizens have very justified concerns to draw to the attention of leaders and a perfect right to do so…that is a freedom and a right I cherish and to simply smeer the many who tried to do that legitimately in a democratic society as “hooligans” is to be insensitive…do not try to sell cheese to me on such “cheesy” grounds, doris hopper-riede.

    Thank you for your comment. CheeseLover.ca passionately supports citizens exercising their democratic rights, but we stand by our definition of hooligans and find comfort in the fact they remain in jail.


  2. Please cancel my e-mail participation in your website. You are welcome to stick by your editorial stance re the G meets and “hooligans”…but since I strongly disagree with it…please honour my request that you cancel my participation in cheeselovers.ca…dh

  3. Bonjour, nous sommes très fiers que notre produit Le Belle de Jersey se soit retrouvé sur la table du G20. Merci de parler de nous !!!
    Les Bergeries du Fjord, Saguenay, Québec, Canada

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