Good cheese hunting: Day 1 and 2, in Eastern Ontario

We’re tasting our way through Eastern Ontario, heading for Montreal and the Formula 1 Grand Prix and then Warwick for Quebec’s huge cheese festival.

Quebec chevre on a bruschetta at Millisle Bed & Breakfast in Merrickville, Ontario.
Quebec chevre with a fresh salad drizzled with raspberry vinaigrette at Millisle B&B.
Toasting the fine conclusion of Day 1 with Santa Christina Sangiovese over dinner prepared just for us by Chef Debra MacLennan at Millisle B&B in Merrickville.
Grand Marnier raspberry creme brulee topped with cream and a chocolate mint leaf. A fine conclusion to a memorable meal at Millisle B&B.
Baked salmon on eggs scrambled with Gruyere, with thick bacon of course. Millisle B&B.
Frittata with Provolone, Asagio and Mozzarella, asparagus, red pepper, carmelized onion. Millisle B&B.
Lots of butter and a generous chunk of cheddar make the perfect breakfast scone at Millisle B&B.
Garden salad with Woolwich chevre at Yellow Canoe Cafe in Merrickville.
Grilled eggplant and Havarti on harvest rye sandwich at Yellow Canoe Cafe.
We spot a three-year Empire cheddar in the cheese display at Mrs. McGarrigle's Fine Food Shop in Merrickville.
An organic beet-spinach salad with Quebec chevre makes a pretty plate at Serendipity Bistro in Merrickville.
Le Calumet, Rosenberg Danish Blue and Triple Creme with duck pate and fois gras at Serendipity Bistro.

Lest you think we’re eating only cheese, take a gander at . . .

Wild boar ribs baked for eight hours at Serendipity Bistro, with yam fritters, root vegetables, fiddleheads and a superb slaw.
The chipotle rub on the bison steak at Serendipity Bistro was a bit hot for the Cheese-Head-in-Chief but it was wonderfully medium-rare tender, and the classic frites were perfect.

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—Georgs Kolesnikovs

Georgs Kolesnikovs is Cheese-Head-in-Chief at

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