Bobby Flay learns to make goat cheese and other news


Cheese makes news every day. That’s why we’ve started collecting links to the most interesting news reports of the day on a special page under the News tab at the top of the blog. Check it whenever you visit

Bobby Flay learns to make goat cheese

Cheese found to improve immune response of elderly

Local Food Plus launches Buy-To-Vote campaign

Cheese that’s a laughing matter

Sue Riedl on Le Tomme Haut-Richelieu

All about crottin de chèvre sur toast

Art, wine, cheese: Alternatives to stock investing

Cheese and the cycle of Jewish life

If cheese is milk’s leap towards immortality, what does that make processed cheese?

Kraft Foods showcases new products

Why Americans can’t be more French when it comes to cheese

Wisconsin remains No. 1 in U.S. cheese production

Petra Cooper left upper levels of publishing world for cheese

Seattle has its own cheese festival

Financing a business with cheese?

CME to launch cheese futures

Monetary boost for Fifth Town Artisan Cheese

Cheese and heritage, a unique university diploma

Land O’Lakes closing cheese plant in California

Making garlic bread with three cheeses

American cheese grows up in Vermont

Sue Riedl on Bella Casara Buffalo Mozzarella

Benedictine spirituality and the making of cheese

A retailer’s rant about local and slow-food movements

Cheesemakers organize co-operative in Michigan

Cheese rheology and texture

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