St. Albert cow won’t have to mooove

Statue of cow can remain on roof of Cheddar Et Cetera—for now.

A bovine brouhaha has erupted in Ottawa over a Holstein statue on the roof of a cheese shop owned by St. Albert Cheese Co-operative. For now, the life-size cow can stay atop Cheddar Et Cetera in the east-end suburb of Orleans.

Ottawa’s bylaw inspectors had demanded the bogus bovine be put out to pasture on grounds that it contravenes a city regulation banning rooftop advertising. Not to be cowed, store manager Jacques Leury quickly collected the signatures of more than 2,000 customers on a petition.

City councillor Bob Monette then came to Bossy’s defence and orchestrated a stay of execution until the city planning staff can review the bylaw on signage. A report is not expected until late in 2010.

St. Albert Cheese Co-op has been making cheese since 1894. It produces cheddars and specialty cheeses and hosts the annual Festival de la Curd which last year attracted  40,000 people. This year, the festival takes place August 18-22 in St. Albert east of Ottawa.

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  1. That fine cow atop st Albert’s cheese shop signifies that the cheese made by this 114 year old farmer-owned cooperative is made from 100% Canadian fluid milk and that’s a GOOD thing!

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